Riding the Short Bus

Every now and then, I run into something at work that reminds me that I am riding the short bus. We haven’t updated to 2000 on our NT machines for reasons I can only assume are veiled in mystery, ditto 2003 on our 2000 boxes, all of our support tool licenses are inevitably 5 revisions out of date, and very frequently, the license has – in fact – expired. The last such query I made about a tool led me to install the program and realize that the license had been purchased by an individual employee, on his own card. I almost wept.

Most of the time, to avoid this sort of problem, I just use free (as in speech) tools, and failing that, I use free (as in beer) tools. So I was excited to learn about PowerShell, which I had played with at home some and found to be intriguing, which is free like beer for folks with a valid Windows install, and could be used to automate some tasks without having to rely on the increasingly bizarre Win32::Foo Perl modules I’ve been hacking together. So I download it, and validate my system, and start the install. Bam, short bus time. We haven’t updated to SP2 on our XP workstations. Treetarded. Back to surfing CPAN and pretending I know how to script in Perl.

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