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Know if to fold em’…

So, I’ve been exchanging emails with this girl. At least I think it’s a girl. Anyways, we have been exchanging emails for about a month, and I thought it was going pretty well. I felt the conversation was pleasant and that there might be genuine prospects, but I am pretty good at ass-dragging, so I drug that ass for weeks. I belabored the decision, but I was getting pressure from all around to ask her out, so I asked if she wanted to go out for a drink.

Enter the no-reply zone.

This is not the first time such a thing has happened to me. A certain level of friendliness is extended, and through what I can only assume is witchcraft, the person on the other end decides it’s too difficult to simply say “no thanks” and continue what was a very enjoyable email relationship, and instead stops talking to me altogether. This is followed by me feeling sort of bad about the whole thing, like I ruined some fun by trying to convert an online relationship to an offline one, regardless of seriousness, and then inevitably I stop talking to everyone for six or nine months and that, as they say, is that. Then I’ll try again.

I’m not saying this is certainly the case now, but it seems very likely. A lack of response for a week isn’t exactly glowing praise of the attractiveness of an offer. If you were eating someone’s cooking and they asked if you wanted seconds and you decided not to answer them for an hour, it probably doesn’t mean you liked it a lot.

Meanwhile, I keep having inexplicable dreams about pregnant girls and long-since-exes and waking up with that cold calculating brain stripping away the fake-love I felt in sleep. Like swallowing a length of cold chain.


So I bought a basket to go on my reformed bike, but it interferes with the shifters. I think I can remedy this by moving them outboard, but I’ll end up removing the barends. No big loss, as this handlebar setup is just a stopgap, but a little annoying. There’s a store locally that is selling the Surly Instigator fork on eBay, but they don’t list it on their real website, so I’m not sure if they stock it or if they just drop-ship from QBP.

Meanwhile, I’ve found the On-One Superlight fork, which is hotter than hot, they have a US distributor in CA that I have emailed to find out the price, as their site sucks. If I can get it for within $15 of the Surly, I’ll do it, because it’s that much more attractive. I might even buy it in white. I still haven’t dropped the change on the handlebar, as I am afeared of change (and also my current credit card debt load), so I think that will wait for spring. I also forgot to put in some slack on the various cables, to take into account the possibility of changed position on the shifters and brake levers, as I am a retard. Therefore – the flat bars will stick around for now. Once the weather changes I might feel more charitable and free with the money hand.

Edit: ZedSport sez : $125 plus shipping for the On-One fork. Surly goes on eBay for about $80 plus shipping, but it seems quite a shame to go with that oogly unicrown number just because of a silly thing like a couple greenbacks. Time will tell.

Coffee and I – A love affair

My life with caffeine.

You see, it really is like a love affair. It’s not a the long lasting, comfortable consistency of a good marriage. Not even the torrid, endless hell of a bad marriage. It’s more like that girl you know, she lives in a different city, maybe one you visit for work from time to time, and when you get there, you binge. There’s no familiarity outside excess, you don’t know what she eats for lunch, but you probably know if she likes her eggs scrambled. You haven’t ever met her parents, you don’t think about her life at the office, or know what TV shows she watches. But you know her phone number in case you end up in that neck of the woods, and you know how to make the most of your time together.

I don’t have a girl in a different city, I don’t know what she eats for breakfast, but I do know that when I drink coffee, I usually end up with heart palpitations and a bad night of sleep. It’s a very different feeling than soda, something that makes me feel razor sharp and brittle, causes my bowels to rumble and hurry in their duties, makes my eyes stop twitching, and takes away some of the aches from my hands. It is delicious and bitter and I gulp it in anticipation of the heartburn and the release. In spite of the tossing and turning, against my aversion to hot drinks, even savoring the fake cream in it, I pound it away until I am full of it, feel as if it is literally filling my throat, if I tip over it will pour out of my mouth and onto the ground.

And then I’m done. Weeks go by, months, and I don’t drink a cup. Sometimes I’ll get one on a weekend, going out for breakfast, but that’s pretty rare. Sometimes I’ll drink a cup with my parents, but it’s not the same, it’s got sweetener in it and I rarely finish the cup. There’s something wrong about doing it with other people around, something that sours the intimacy I have with it. Something that threatens the brittle balance and is unafraid of the razor’s edge.

Something disgusting.


Well, it’s all done but the crying. I know now that Octalink cranks are cheap because the bottom brackets are stupid expensive, PLUS they don’t come with binder bolts, which were another FIFTEEN FRIGGING DOLLARS.


I almost had a fit when the guy told me, but hey, it’s done now and hopefully will last just slightly less than eternity, right?

WRONG. I got home, pulled up the adjustable cup, pulled up my Park BBT-2, made sure the splines lined up, got ready to put her in… NO GO, turns out that the _old_ version BBT-2 interferes with the bigger spindle of Octalink, even though the splines are the same. So I have to go get another BB tool to install it. I faked it (it’s kinda loose) just so I could get it all put together, and I’ll just snug it up later (my fancy $15 crank bolts are self extracting, so at least there’s that). I had to take some links out of the chain, and by the time I had finished that it was too late to test ride, so it’ll wait until after I get the new tool.

Friction shifting works, the oddball frame seems to have a minor interference problem when in the highest gear, 42-11, but I have doubts I’ll be in that gear very often. I also have to avoid any major cross-gearing, the derailleur can’t cope with the 42-32 combo, nor can it adequately tension the 22-11, but it’s good enough for now. Maybe later I’ll install that Deore LX long-cage with some new pulleys in it (the previous owner having ridden the other ones to tiny pieces). Then I’ll have a full deore drivetrain, as both the front changers I ended up with were deore LX bottom pulls, but from different eras. I chose the one with the silver clamp, for aesthetic reasons, and it seems to work fine.

Things left to do? I’m going to buy some rust converter and dab it onto the exposed rust areas, because beauty is not what this bike is gonna be about. I need to figure out if the seatpost is the wrong size or what, because the seat binder area is looking a little funktastic, replace the shoddy QR with an allen bolt. Buy a new rigid fork for it, as the suspension one is goofy long and not particularly good. New headset to go with the fork. Get some neat bars for it, I think I’m just gonna make the leap and do the Nitto Albatross. Eventually it’s going to need a basket and a rack that isn’t just gonna crumple (I have a leftover but it already proved itself incapable of lugging even a small load back and forth from work, hence it’s left-over-ness). I may just do a set of wire baskets back there, since the goal of this bike is going to do the shopping and whatnot. That’s in the future though, the credit card situation needs to get calmed the hell down again before I make some more purchases.