Of Broken Bicycles…

I drove halfway across town to Hillsboro to buy a bike frame Sunday, an older Raleigh road frame/fork that I aspired to make into a townie. Well, when I arrived, I saw a very high quality older Raleigh frame, probably Reynolds 531, pantographed seatstay ends, very, very suspect. The gentleman selling the frame was not present, but a woman of limited english let me in the garage to look at it. A year or two ago, I’d have bought it immediately, a bargain, a steal. Luckily, I’ve been jacked around a lot in the intermediary times and learned my lesson. I began to go over the frame with a critical eye, and immediately found the problem.

Bent. Demolished. Must have been quite a crash too, the top and down tubes were bent so heavily that a card set on the top radius sat half a centimeter above even the steerer lug. The owner still had not shown up and I decided to leave. Sigh.

Back to the search. I have a freebie Bianchi MTB frame I scored out of the free pile at Citybikes, but it needs a fork. A 1″ MTB fork isn’t exactly a super common item anymore. Webcyclery offers one for $50, but it seems like a goofy expenditure for what is intended to be a really cheap build. I might do it anyways, since one of the major reasons for me wanting to make an around-town bike is the awesomely retro BMX Kenda K-Rad tire. But the reason it was in the free pile is that there is a seat post abso-lutely jammed into the frame. I don’t feel any damage from it, but it’s in there pretty good just the same. I guess I’ll try to pry that sucker out first. Lame.

I also want to make this bike with an internal gear hub, but the cost comparison for a 7 speed or 8 speed rear wheel, versus JUST ABOUT ANY OTHER THING is not favorable. I could potentially build a 3×8 or 9 setup for the same price. Super lame.

Now that I have akismet figured out, I might turn comments back on. I still don’t quite know how comment spam was getting in, but whatever.

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