Americans Nix Evolution or Time Opens Overton Window?

I, for one, find this graphic entirely too exciting. Not because of the immense socio-cultural gap that it represents in the US, but because of that little line, down at the bottom.

Notice how up top that line says 50%, and there is another black line that extends out the bottom, apparently to indicate the 50% line of the results. Notice how it seems to indicate that right around 50% of Americans answered that they do believe that human beings evolved. But wait, go ahead and get out your ruler, and extend that straight line down from the 50% mark at the top. Wait, that’s right, it doesn’t line up at all. That is fascinating. And this is why I love charts like this, without any real numbers to back up their assertions.
The question, I suppose, becomes “Was this intentional?”. It’s certainly not some kind of general formatting mistake, the line at the bottom isn’t in the middle of the whole graphic. It’s pretty close to halfway across the chart, close enough that I had to measure with my fingers to notice it. I’ll try to pay attention to see if the graphic ends up getting edited later. Overton windows? Only the best.

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