Dusty Roads

Programmatically created environments are the future.

This assertion has been made over and over, yet when I see the screenshots, all I can think of is the past.

Somehow all new graphics or physics technology is designed to make things look dusty.

No one wanted that, I doubt very highly that the folks who slaved away on early computers thought, “Some day, they’ll have computers powerful enough to realistically simulate looking at a photograph of a living room in Apache Junction, Arizona”, at least not intentionally. I think they probably imagined, as I did (and still do), a world of polished steel lines and beautifully deep and uniform colors, not a mote scarring the smoothly transitioning compound curves.
A flawless Buick Roadmaster of a world, polished to a nearly eye-watering shine.
Something smooth, stable, yet somehow soft, fit to form, any deficiencies immediately realized to be functions.

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