Main Building (Unit) – Fruiting Body

  • Approximately 1M tall x 10M diameter for juvenile development stage, 4M x 25M for adult.
  • Does not suffer production penalties when under fire
  • Production rate directly linked to size of fruiting body, minus any areas currenly under weapon effect (burned, poisoned)
  • Creates low-specialization units
  • Can move, very slowly, suffers 75% production penalty while moving
  • Takes constant damage when under environmental effect-low nitrogen atmosphere

Basic Unit – Epsilon

  • Very low intelligence, can not use projectile attacks, can not use “learn” on enemy equipment for re-use
  • Very robust, difficult to kill, can regenerate very quickly when not under weapon or environmental effect
  • Can survive in low nitrogen atmosphere environment longest of Spore units
  • Can be “upgraded” to environment normalization unit Delta, or absorbed into a Delta unit to replenish lost mass
  • Can be absorbed by any higher level command unit to replenish lost mass
  • Two Epsilon units can merge together to create a larger Epsilon, but any mass over normal will slowly be lost, as the photosynthesis cannot maintain the additional mass.

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