I will figure out stock market investing if it frickin kills me.

I’m a smart guy, and I can do it. And it has the potential to provide the life I want for myself.

On to less boring stuff – I love Steven Barnes books. I really do. But the man is mad, mad, mad for racism. He sees it everywhere, which I suppose he has a right to, but seriously, man, whoa. I found his blog and I thought “Hey, I like John Scalzi’s blog and his books, maybe I’ll find a whole bunch of authors I’ve enjoyed and be able to see the world through their eyes.”

Whoa, wrong. He’s a nut. I mean I suspected, when I found his homepage and located The Five Minute Miracle, but never this level of crazy.

I have, however, found the RSS feed for “How Not To Ruin Your Life” by Ben Stein on Yahoo! Finance, which is a breath of fresh air. The man simply makes sense of what is, for the great many, a total babble of insanity. We’ll see if the Rich Dad/Poor Dad guy or Jim Kramer (whose TV show I enjoy immensely) on The Street are as enjoyable to read.

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