A bit of abdominal movement…

I started today with all the glorious expectations that one makes of a Tuesday. Wine, women, song, celebration of all things, in all ways. I can’t tell you how many Tuesdays I’ve had that were pure bliss.

The reason for that is that Tuesday, on the whole, sucks. You recover from how bad Monday was and just hope that the work you put off until Wednesday doesn’t span into Thursday, which means you’ll have to do something daft like work on Friday too. Tuesday is a good day to take a long breakfast break, or go shopping during the morning hours when you think nobody is likely to notice that you’re missing. It is not, as a rule, the right day for office politics or hardware failure. Those things are reserved for Wednesdays when everyone is finally ready to do some real work or Mondays, where you’re going to be screwed from the get go anyhow.

I got a double helping of both. I’ve now been in the office 20 hours straight, and I’m not exactly “feeling the Umpqua” on this whole thing anymore. It could be because the last time I ate anything substatial was 15 hours ago and the vending machine mysteriously stopped running at midnight. It could be the fact that I was about to give up and call in for a ride home, but my cellphone is mysteriously cancelled because the payment is past due. Not sure what the deal is there, but I called and threw a wad of money at it because I NEEDS MY CELLPHONE. I probably use my phone less than anyone else I know, but not having it is like the equivalent of losing a body part. An important one, like a foot or an eye, not a gimme like a ring finger or a nipple.

And the politics. Oh, lordy. The Game has been running rampant. Must be the season for it. Pre-spring outbursts. Something related to mating season and pre-positioning yourself for the rut. I have no idea.


I’m so tired.

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